The Traps team – highly qualified specialists, integrated in a flexible corporate organizational structure and led by expert managers – successfully conducts its business in Bulgaria and abroad.

The knowledge, the rich professional experience and high competence of the company’s engineers combined with the precise work and personal responsibility of each and every one of them guarantee the high quality of the services rendered by Traps to its customers.

Recruitment of young people in the company team and constant improvement and upgrading of the qualifications of the staff through training are part of the Traps corporate policy. We offer each specialist an opportunity for professional development and establishment. We use leading design technology as well as modern equipment. We provide favorable working conditions based on corporate spirit and ethics.

Current Projects

Actualization of a Detiled Project: Doubling and Electrification of Karnobat-Sindel Railway. Plot: Lozarevo-Zavet. ...
Design of a Railway Section Sofia-Iskar. Technical Design, Detiled Design & Supervision. ...
Modernisation of the Railway Section Sofia - Stolnik, part of Sofia Railway Junction.
Stage II: Technical Design ...
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